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Get Fit Plus fitness studio in Watertown CT features many different programs to transform your body, your mind, and your soul! Fitness and health are a way of life and that is what you will experience at Get Fit Plus! We are a fitness family all on the path of living healthy lifestyles.  When you step into our studio you will receive the attention that you need, support and motivation, and a sense of accomplishment every time you leave!


At Get Fit Plus we are NOT a gym! We are a private fitness studio that is focused on getting you results! Our programs can be made to fit any goal and any ability level! No cookie cutter programs found here.  We pride ourselves on really knowing each and everyone of our members and what they are trying to achieve so we can make sure you see success!




“Get Fit Plus literally helped me lose 20+ pounds, and keep it off for over a year now! I can honestly say that this is the only gym I have been a member of for longer than a year and come multiple times per week!” –Katie B.



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NO SCALES ALOUD! That's right we don't believe in scales at Get Fit Plus! Instead we believe in focusing on consistantly working out and eating healthy! Learn more about our ranking system here! ARE YOU READY TO RANK UP?



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Get Fit Plus is now proudly offering Organo Gold Coffee!! This is an organic coffee that is infused with Ganoderma!  Which helps prevent various cancers, impoves your imune system, protects the liver and it is NOT acidic like regular coffee so it balances out your bodies ph levels!! Organo Gold offers Dark Coffee, Mocha, Latte, Hot Chocolate, Green Tea, Red Tea, Iced Tea and More!! Click here to learn more! Start drinking a coffee that actually helps improve your health!

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Month: December

December 14th Frozen Meal Prep

December 24th and 25th Closed